Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2019

The 47th Willie Clancy Summer School, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare, Ireland. Saturday 6th July to Sunday 14th July, 2019.

Sráid na Cathrach, Co. an Chláir  6ú Iúil - 14ú Iúil.

A piping visitor from Romania

Romanian musician Calin Handabut will be participating at the 46th Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy. He plays the Romanian bagpipes and will take up the study of the uilleann pipes while in Miltown Malbay. He will feature at the Tuesday afternoon concert of international folk music at the Mill Marquee, on July 10th, when Scottish, Welsh, Breton and Romanian musicians and singers will represent their ethnic music traditions. He will also play at the final concert on Sat 14th July.


The connections between Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy (SSWC) and Romania began in 2011 when Peter Hurley, a Dublin man resident in Bucharest since 1992, led a delegation to the summer school. As a promoter of rural sustainability and local culture in Romania, Peter was interested in the importance of music festivals as drivers  of rural economic development and saw SSWC as an example of this. In August of 2011 Peter organised for Séamus O Rócháin and Harry Hughes of SSWC to visit several village festivals in Maramures County, Northern Romania. Calin's visit should see further developments in SSWC-Romanian relationships.


Originally a clarinet and violin player in secondary school, he started to take an interest in traditional music and over the years he has been experimenting a range of wind instruments: whistle, long flute, caval, tulnic (a long alpine horn), and the Romanian bagpipes. In 2013 he met Irish composer Shaun Davey, who was searching for a Romanian bagpiper to play in his creation "Voices from the Merry Cemetery".  As a result, Calin played the Romanian bagpipes in a large scale production of "Voices from the Merry Cemetery" in August 2014 in the village of Sapanta in Maramures county, Romania, during the festival "The Long Road to the Merry Cemetery", produced by Peter Hurley.


In October 2014, Calin was invited to Dublin to play the same role in the RTE-produced concert of the same work at the National Concert Hall alongside Liam O'Flynn, an extract of which can be seen here. This was probably the first time that Romanian bagpipes were played alongside uilleann pipes. From this point onwards, Calin was fascinated by the uilleann pipes. Recognising it as the most developed bagpipe in the world, he dreams of learning to play it himself.

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